I. CENTRAL STAR LOGISTICS OPERADORA, S.A. DE C.V. With address at AV. Central #100 Eje 140, logistic Park, delegation La Pila, CP 78395, San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. Mexico based on the provisions of the Federal law on personal data protection in the possession of private individuals and the regulation applicable, is responsible for collecting your personal data, and the use that is given to them.

II. We are committed to safeguard and protect your data with appropriate technological and physical resources to prevent its loss, misuse, alteration and theft, in addition to not sell, rent, share or disclose your personal information to third parties for purposes that are illicit or contrary to the holder.

III. Your personal data such as name, address, phone, email address, signature, age, nationality, Federal registry of Contributors and Unique Key of Population Registration if it is the case, as well as all documents provided directly by you, by intermediaries such as logistics and transport companies, either being directly required by our staff or by executives of traffic, either personally, by telephone or through electronic media, such data will be used for: a) to identify you, b) to locate you, c) to communicate you something and c) to conduct the entrusted operations of foreign trade in its character of legal representative of the company to who will provide the services and to inform the steps in the process.

IV. This company is responsible for personal information, so the safeguard of such information will be considered as classified, which exclusively have access authorized persons by CENTRAL STAR LOGISTICS, S.A. DE C.V. These data will be used only for the expressed purposes in the above fraction.

V. At all times the holder may access, rectify, cancel, oppose, and/or revoke your consent which has given to us for the treatment of your personal data, so we will stop making use of them. Within a maximum period of 10 days, you will receive a confirmation to your request.

Access: You can choose the way to communicate with us, either by telephone or by direct writing to any of our offices, to determine the use that CENTRAL STAR LOGISTICS, S.A. DE C.V. does of your personal data.

Rectification: You can rectify the data given in order to update their registry with the company, at any time, upon notice for terms in which adjustment was made.

Cancellation policy: You can ask us to cancel or disenroll your data if there is a cause that justifies such action and has no pending obligation to cover with CENTRAL STAR LOGISTICS, s.a. DE C.V.

Opposition: If you do not have any relationship or liability to us and you decide not to hire our services on behalf of your representative, you can make use of this right, not sharing any data.

In case of any questions or you wish to exercise any of the rights above mentioned, please contact us at the following telephone number: 01 (44) 4161-5121, your personal data can be transferred and processed within and outside the country, by anyone other than CENTRAL STAR LOGISTICS, SA DE C.V. In this sense, your information may be shared with shipping agencies, carriers, IM Customer Services, currency exchange houses, stevedores, insurance agencies and other service companies that work together to carry out your foreign trade operation.

Any changes to this privacy notice, will be notified through our website: