CSL, connecting people, corporations and regions.

Doing business from Mexico affords you a great connectivity with European, Asian and African continents, by air, land or sea, reaching profitable costs and promptness in your trade processes.

CSL has a privileged location in the center of México, providing irreplaceable access to the principal ports, borders and roads of our country, from a very complete logistics complex:

The Strategic In-Bond Site of San Luis and a Customs Section with over 9 years of trajectory, which also adjoins the KCSM largest intermodal terminal in Mexico.


Between raw materials procurement and the delivery of final products to customers, goods are handled by a wide range of actors. This is why our strategic services are based in a secure management of your goods, by focusing on a restricted access to our In-bond Site, safeguard systems, far-reaching monitoring and IT solutions, whom guarantee the best reliably conditions for your products.


The access protocol to our installations is based in filters of security controlled by the Customs Section and by our independent private security company, eliminating any risk or theft.


Our advanced systems of security prevent sinister threats and thefts for your goods, as well as guarantees that every possible situation will have a quick response.


24/7 monitoring system with a closed circuit, in functions each day of the week every day of the year, safeguarded by a professional security corporation. Our clients can access the system from our website.


Our warehouse has an area available for more than 40,000 m2, which safeguards your goods with all logistics advantages and operative benefits: 46 dock levelers for loading unloading, 3 vehicle ramps, free height of 15 meters and load capacity up to 3,300 kg per square meter, all for the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

But excellence requires more than a big warehouse and worthy transportation. It is about how people, processes, technology, vehicles and systems incorporate a first class operation, as such as only CSL can provide.

CSL is more than infrastructure, we are a high qualified human talented team, with specialized equipment for manage all sort of goods from wholly diverse industries, such as automotive, paper products, chemistry, textile, electric and electronic, and many others.