CSL is the best logistics solution to your Company, achieving competitive time and profitable costs at your import and export operations, thru our 6 years of continuous management at the Strategic In-Bond Site of México, the best way for customs simplification and logistics effectiveness.

We are located in the heart of Mexico: 380 km north of Mexico City, 501.200 km south of Monterrey and 366.920 km away from Guadalajara, so we can guarantee efficient and fast access to the principal ports, roads and borders of the entire country, providing competitive international connectivity.

Our bonded warehouse is the first logistics platform of its kind in Mexico, taking advantage of our extensive network with the Strategic In-Bond Site of San Luis and a Customs Section with 8 years of trajectory, which also adjoins the KCSM largest intermodal terminal in Mexico.

Within the free trade zone (“FTZ”) and linkage with the best Mexican Customs Agency, we improve the usual customs clearance procedures at the border with Mexico when transporting any kind of goods, shortening the time ordinarily required by up to three days, resulting in a substantial reduction in lead time.

With our strong experience at producing corporate value with logistics infrastructure, we lead the vanguard in Mexican international trade, so your company can get greater competitive levels at global markets.

Pioneers means greater advantages. Original, guarantees best solutions. Just like CSL, innovation and moving forward.


Well-being and well doing defines human development. Thereby, CSL is proud of assuring the best welfare status and highest productivity for your company in the international markets. With our reliable community of professionals, advanced technologies, secure infrastructure and our human talent, we develop the very best logistics strategy towards our clients on each.

Welcome to CSL, the new and more efficient logistics operation in México.